The Society consists of ordinary members, life members, fellows, student members and corporate members.

  1. “Ordinary Membership” is open to all persons interested in plant physiology and to persons in support of the objectives of the Society. The application shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

    Ordinary Membership Benefits:
    1. The current ordinary membership fee is RM50.00 per annum. However, the annual fee will be automatically waived whenever the member participates in the yearly MSPP conference.
    2. Special discounts for all MSPP activities.
    3. Eligible for a travel fund of RM1000 once in 3 years.
    4. Eligible for a Life Membership invitation after three years of active involvement in MSPP activities.
    5. The right to nominate and vote during AGM, including an opportunity to be elected as the MSPP Executive Committee member.
  2. “Life Membership” is open to persons who have been ordinary members for at least three years. This membership is appointed by invitation from the executive committee.

    An Ordinary Member who has been actively participated in the Society's activities for at least three (3) consecutive years are eligible for Life Membership invitation by the EXCO. To become a Life Member, the invitee must pay a one-time fee of ten times (10x) the annual subscription for Ordinary Members.

    Life Membership Benefits:
    1. Lifetime annual membership fee waiver.
    2. Discounts up to 10% on the annual conference registration fees and other activities organised by the Society.
    3. Eligible for the Malaysian Society of Plant Physiology Conference (MSPPC) fee waiver once in five (5) years provided they make an oral presentation during the conference.
    4. A Life Membership certificate.
  3. “Fellow” shall be elected in recognition of their outstanding services to the Society. Candidates shall be nominated by three ordinary members and be elected by a majority of members voting in a postal ballot.

  4. “Student Membership” shall be open to students interested in plant physiology provided that a university or university-college student shall not become a member unless with the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor concerned.

  5. “Corporate Membership” shall be open to organizations interested in supporting the objectives of the Society. The application shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

    Corporate membership in MSPP will benefit the professional development of the company and its employees, especially those in the field of agriculture. MSPP Corporate Membership will also support the professional development of its employees by means of peer-reviewed scientific publications and continuing educational programs.

    Corporate Membership Benefits:
    1. Enjoy special price for advertisement and exhibition booth in MSPP activities.

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