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The Malaysian Society of Plant Physiology

RULE 1 Name and Registered Place of Business

1.1 The name of the organization shall be ‘Persatuan Fisiologi Tumbuhan Malaysia’ which in English shall be “The Malaysian Society of Plant Physiology”.

1.2 The registered place of business of the Society shall be: Beg Berkunci 282, Pejabat Pos UPM, 43409 Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The place of business may be charged by the Executive Committee with the prior approval of the Register of Societies.

RULE 2 Purpose

2.1 The purpose of the Society is to encourage and promote the development of plant physiology as a pure and applied phase of botanical science. This may be accomplished by:

(a) The organization of meetings, lectures, symposia, seminars, workshops, conferences and related activities.

(b) The publication of matters pertaining to plant physiology and related topics, subject to the prior approval of the relevant authorities.

RULE 3 Membership

3.1 The Society shall consist of ordinary members, life members, honorary members, student members and associate members.

3.2 “Ordinary Membership” is open to all persons interested in plant physiology and to persons in support of the objectives of the Society. The application shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

3.3 “Life Membership” is open to persons who have been ordinary members for at least three years. The application has to be approved by the Executive Committee and a membership fee, ten times the annual subscription for ordinary members, shall be levied.

3.4 “Fellow” shall be elected in recognition of their outstanding services to the Society. Candidates shall be nominated by three ordinary members and be elected by a majority of members voting in a postal ballot.

3.5 “Student Membership” shall be open to students interested in plant physiology provided that an university or university-college student shall not become a member unless with the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor concerned.

3.6 “Corporate Membership” shall be open to organizations interested in supporting the objectives of the Society and who have been duly elected by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

3.7 Only ordinary and life members shall have voting rights and hold posts in the Society. All applications for Ordinary, Life Student and Associate membership shall be made in the prescribed form and submitted to the Secretary of the Society.

RULE 4 Subscription

4.1 All members except honorary members shall pay their subscription as stipulated by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Meeting.

4.2 The annual subscription per annum shall be as follows:

(a) ordinary members - RM30.00

(b) student members - RM10.00

(c) corporate members - RM200.00

4.3 Any member whose subscription is two years in arrears and who has been duly notified of the fact, shall be cease to be a member of the Society (except when prior permission has been obtained in writing, from the Executive Committee). The member may be subsequently reinstated at the discretion of the Executive Committee on payment of a sum equivalent to three times the prevailing annual subscription.

RULE 5 Patron

5.1 The Society shall approve at an Annual General Meeting, a suitable person to be the Patron, for a specific period of time.

RULE 6 Executive Committee

6.1 The Executive Committee of the Society elected at an Annual Grand Meeting for a two year term, shall consist of the following:

(a) the Officers, who shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

(b) four Ordinary Committee Members.

The Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election for another term.

6.2 All office-bearers of the Society and every officer performing executive functions in the Society shall be Malaysian citizens.

6.3 Names for the above offices shall be proposed and seconded and election will be by a simple majority vote of the Ordinary and Life members at the annual grand meeting.

6.4 The President shall convene and preside at all General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings and in his absence the Chair shall be taken by the Vice President. Should any voting result in a tie the chairman shall have a casting vote. In the event of the President’s resignation or incapacitation, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President, for the remainder of his term in office.

6.5 The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying members of all meetings and for keeping minutes of General and Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall circulate minutes to relevant members before each meeting and shall deal with all the correspondence of the Society. He shall maintain a membership register and shall give notice to members whose subscriptions are in arrears. The Secretary shall prepare the Annual Report for the Annual Grand Meeting.

6.6 The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in his duties and act for him in his absence.

6.7 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the custody of the Society’s property and the receipt and disbursement of all monies due to and payable by the Society and shall keep proper accounts that shall be audited by auditors. The Treasurer may hold a petty cash not exceeding $100.00. All monies received shall be deposited in a bank approved by the Committee. All cheques and negotiable instruments shall require the signature of the Treasurer and President or one other appointed member of the Executive Committee.

6.8 The Committee shall meet for the conduct of its business at least four times a year and 10 days notice shall be given before the date fixed for a meeting. The quorum for the meeting shall be five members of the Executive Committee.

6.9 The Executive Committee shall have the power to:

(a) set up subcommittees, as deemed fit, to conduct appropriate activities of the Society;

(b) to fill any vacancies that may arise during its term of office;

(c) to disqualify from holding office any member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Committee without a satisfactory explanation.

6.10 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for submitting to all members an Annual Report of the activities of the Society, together with an audited Statement of accounts and Balance Sheet for the financial year ending 30th June.

6.11 The members of the Executive Committee shall all serve in an honorary capacity.

RULE 7 Annual General Meeting

7.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held as soon as possible after the close of each financial year (30th June) and not later than September. Notice of meeting, including copies of the annual report and audited financial report for the year, shall be circulated to all members, at least 4 weeks before the meeting. Any motion from the members for discussion at the AGM must reach the Secretary at least 15 days before the meeting.

7.2 The business of the AGM shall be:-

(a) To receive/adopt the Executive Committee report on the activities of the Society since the previous AGM.

(b) To receive/adopt the audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for the financial year.

(c) To elect, every two years, members to the Executive Committee.

(d) To appoint, annually, two Auditors for the following year.

(e) To deal with any other matters pertaining to the Society and its activities.

7.3 At the AGM, members of the Executive Committee shall be elected from the ordinary and life members. The Secretary shall call for nominations to the various positions, three months prior to the AGM. When the number of candidates duly nominated and seconded for each position exceeds the number of posts, the name of candidates together with ballot papers shall be posted to all voting members of the society one month before the AGM. All postal votes shall reach the secretary before the start of AGM and shall be opened at the AGM. Members shall be informed of every post for which no prior or only one nomination has been received. All such posts shall be filled by calling for nominations from the floor. Voting for this/these nomination(s) at the AGM shall be by secret ballot and shall be decided by a simple majority.

7.4 At the AGM, two members who are not office bearers of the Society shall be appointed as Honorary Auditors.

7.5 The quorum for the AGM shall be half of the ordinary and life members or twice the number of committee members. If no quorum is present at the meeting, it shall be adjourned and reconvened two hours later. If a quorum is still not obtained at the reconvened meeting, the members present shall have the power to proceed with the agenda but shall not have the power to amend the constitution or to make decisions affecting the whole membership and property of the Society.

RULE 8 Extraordinary General Meeting

8.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Society may be convened whenever the Executive Committee deems it necessary or within 30 days upon receipt by the Executive Committee, of a joint written receipt from at least twenty voting members of the Society, stating the object or reason for such a meeting. Notice of the EGM shall be circulated to all members at least 14 days before the meeting.

8.2 Rule 7.5 regarding the quorum shall apply to the EGM but with the proviso that it no quorum is obtained at the adjourned EGM, the meeting shall be cancelled and thereafter no EGM shall be requested for the same purpose.

RULE 9 Financial Provisions

No expenditure exceeding500 dollars at any one time shall be incurred without prior sanction of the Executive Committee, and no expenditure exceeding 5,000 dollars in any one time shall be incurred without the prior sanction of a general meeting. Expenditure less than 500 dollars may be incurred by the President and Treasurer.

RULE 10 Dissolution

10.1 The Society may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than two-thirds of total membership with voting rights.

10.2 In the event of the Society being dissolved as provided above, the assets or surplus of the Society shall not be distributed among the members, but shall be disbursed in such a manner as may be decided upon b the members at a General Meeting.

10.3 Notice of dissolution shall be given to the Registrar of Societies by the pre-existing committee, within 14 days after the dissolution.

RULE 11 Amendments to the Constitution

11.1 The Constitution of the Society may be amended by a resolution at the AGM or EGM, provided that not less than one month’s notice of the proposed amendments has been circulated to the members. The resolution shall be passed by a two-third majority of the ordinary and life members present and voting at the General Meeting. Such amendments shall not take effect without the approval of the Registrar of Societies. Any amendment to the rules shall be forwarded to the Registrar of Societies within 28 days of being passed by the General Meeting.


The Hibiscus flower or plant depicts the Malaysian identity of the Society of Plant Physiology and the red petals are those of the ‘Bunga Raya’. The green color of other part including the soil signifies the color of life in the plant kingdom. It is also the color of chlorophyll, the photosynthetic pigment for the conversion and trapping of energy from the sun so essential for life and planet earth. The palm engulfing the plant in its natural surroundings (the soil) signifies that Man is in control and can manipulate the growth and development of the plant in any phase or aspect of its growing period from juvenility to maturity and thus to crop productivity.